Surefire Weight Loss


Your body isn’t just a body.  

It’s the centre of the universe

…..which revolves around you.


Whether you’re trying to slip into those old jeans, or nervous about flirting with the new guy in your office,  one things for sure:  The secret to a healthy lifestyle.

Is an easy to follow eating plan.image1

Sure, you’ve managed to drop a couple pounds before a big event because you were desperate to lose weight quickly.

You’ve got the latest greatest workout dvd’s (maybe even VHS!)

And maybe even a few pieces of unused workout equipment–no shame in that.

But there’s just one little problem:


Your body is screaming out for attention.

Attention that can easily be ignored.

Attention that can easily be justified.

But who you are wanting to be.  

And while eating less than stellar food choices isn’t a sin?

It represents the you-in training

Not the one who stands out in this world.



Introducing Fat Loss Factor.  A no fuss no muss healthy diet program designed for people who aren’t just fence sitters–they’re go getters.  The ones that will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.  People with confidence.  People with grace.  And people who have enough sense to know, just like relying on your mom can be taken for granted,  a healthy body should never be taken for granted.  

Because you’ve survived just fine all these years, this is about more than survival.
This is about arrival. Arrival to a world that doesn’t wait for anybody.  Arrival to a life where you can make your own choices.  Arrival to a future and place you deserve.
That place?

Isn’t your office.  Isn’t your boyfriends (or girlfriends) place.  Isn’t weekly trips to the spa.  (Though it’s a close second)
It’s your body.

Except that body of yours?  Might not feel so wonderful. (Yet.)

So if you are desperate to lose weight fast, and you are carrying around a little added insulation and padding,  but can’t because either you have no willpower or you feel nothing works, you can quickly begin to see results even in as little as 2 weeks.  Maybe you are trying to lose weight after a baby or you have the hormonal issue  PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) if you follow this great program you WILL SEE RESULTS!

And that’s where this program comes in.

Fat Loss Factor has been designed with the end results in mind.  Remove the cape to reveal the beautiful shape.  We know you  want to look extraordinary and feel fantastic–we can help.  We know you are under so much pressure to be everything all the time–we can help.  We know you have the underlying strength to do what needs to be done–we can help.
In summary, we can help you become the most magnificent you can be.  We help people just like you:

  • Learn a healthy eating lifestyle
  • Greatly improve your ability to feel good about yourself
  • See results quickly (who wouldn’t want that?)
  • Feel proud in the commitment you’ve made to yourself
  • Silently brag to your friends when you are looking exceptionally good in your new skinny jeans
  • And most importantly, feel good in the body you were born with
Bottom line:  We can help you create the inner goddess or stud that is fighting to get out, so you can get on with other things.  Like flirting with the cute guy passing in the street.  And that thing called your life.

Fat Loss Factor includes:

  • The truth behind fast permanent weight loss (we all want fast!)
  • Liver and body cleansing videos –  how to prepare a cleanse in your own kitchen to start losing weight fast
  • Custom made software program – to search fast food restaurants for ratings
  • Pre-created grocery list – take the guesswork out of shopping
  • Weight loss exercises for any level of fitness – no excuses!
  • 5 quick workout routines when you are short on time
  • Measurement forms – helps you keep tracks of inch loss
  • Goal setting guide – this is important and keeps you focused
  • Food diary and exercise log – if you track it you know where you are going
  • 1 full year of email coaching – priceless coaching to whip you into shape
  • Recipe book – loads of interesting dishes to keep you from getting bored
  • Total cost:  47.00heart

3 Additional Bonus Videos:

  • What not to wear – just like Stacy and Clinton!
  • Lori making trip to health food store – these stores can be intimidating
  • Quick start video – to get you moving ultra fast


 Download FREE Fat Loss Factor:  101 Tips That Burn Belly Fat Daily 

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Gia, Arizona-I had my 16 year old daughter run through it once school let out.  In two weeks, she dropped 24 pounds.
Joyce in Boston–  since starting this diet in April I’ve lost 25 lbs .  I love this diet!
John from Boulder, Colorado— within 3 days I lost 5 lbs of fat and reduced my waist size at least one belt buckle.



Can I pay in installments?     No… it is a one time fee of $47.00.  There is a 8 week full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied

What if I can’t follow the program?     This falls under the money back guarantee… if for some reason it isn’t suitable you can get a refund

Are there any added costs?   There are no additional costs involved.  You are still buying groceries but making better choices.  Organic is recommended but not necessary.

How quickly will I lose weight?    This is completely up to you…how committed are you to following the program and sticking to the steps.  This is also an individual thing as some people lose weight quicker than others.

How can I get started?  Simply click on the yellow BUY NOW button.  Follow the steps for purchasing Fat Loss Factor and your order will be shipped to you….Pronto!


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